22 March 2017

Everything Good Comes With a Price

Love is never easy to begin with

Many of us get into a relationship that is already sucky from start, and some of us get into a relationship that fits into almost all of our expectations. But, none of them comes easy. You may get into a relationship that fits into almost all expectations but there is still bound to have some sort of difficulty or some sort of a barrier/complications. Needless for any examples but a couple would need to be strong, and love each other enough to overcome all these.

If one party were to say that they're PERFECTLY fine in between, they're lying. Both parties will definitely be affected in one way or another. There ought to be more or less a little discomfort in the heart of both parties at times but it's nothing that is hurtful enough to be mentioning about, which could be handled alone, or maybe sometimes, it's just better not to even start mentioning bout it. That's when the "pretending" part occurs when people start faking smiles and acting all "oh im alright", or, "nah, it's nothing, i'm fine" but all we could ever ask ourselves is "why?" without getting an answer that we want to our own question. All that we ever wanted is to get that shit over and done with as soon as possible to stop all these on and off "moodswings". But well, shit happens. Welcome to "LIFE" where all we could do is to face everything that is thrown to our lives. Just take a step at a time.

Suck it up, Life goes on.

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